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Rice Washer

Rice washer realize keeping same quality of rice and saving time!!!

Rice washer realize 1)Keep same quality of rice 2)Keep same quantity of water 3)Saving time

Though Rice washing processes are very hard for keeping same quality of rice, Kubota rice wahser offer improvement of current problems.


Rice Washer | M.I.K Corporation

For measuring and washing rice automatically!!


FULL AUTOMATIC RICE WASHER 1. Securely stocks up to 130KG of rice 2. Hygienically prevents the adverse effects of moisture to stocked rice 3. Efficiently and economically washes rice using only a minimal amount of water in a reduced amount of time 4. Features easy operation and reliable function

Type: Full automatic
Size(LxWxH(mm)): 602x623x1802
Weight: 72KG
Capacity(Maximum): 7.5KG
Time to Wash: Approximately 2min
Voltage: AC220-240V
Required Water pressure: 5~20L/min
Rice Storage: 130 KG


SEMI AUTOMATIC RICE WASHER 1.Space saving compact design 2.The generous size of the rice slot contributes to easier, more efficient loading and emptying of the tank 3. The semi-transparent rice slot lid premits easily and securely checking conditions in the tank during operation

Type: Semi automatic
Size(LxWxH(mm)): 417x523x1370
Weight: 27KG
Capacity(Maximum): 6.0KG
Time to Wash: Approximately 1min 56sec
Voltage: AC220-240V
Required Water pressure: 5~20L/min