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Nigiri(Sushi Ball) Robot

Automatic Sushi Ball ROBOT!!!

The machine is the more simple style and the more craftsman skill!!

This is the most suitable machine for making sushi at a great variety of eating in overseas sushi markets, including but not limited to sushi corners at Supermarkets or Department store, Kaiten sushi bars, Take away sushi shops, Home delivery sushi shops, Japanese restaurants, Hotels, Catering services and Centralized kitchens,etc.


Nigiri(Sushi Ball)Robot | M.I.K. Corporation

For making Nigiri Sushi as Sushi master!!


MOBILE SUSHI MACHINE smallest, and lightest machine in the world.

Size(LxWxH(mm)): 167x320x350
Weight: 6KG
Capacity:1500 balls/h Rice ball weight: 18-30g
Voltage: AC220-240V


Full Automatic Sushi machine. Hight productivity machine and make 2800 sushi balls per hour.

Size(LxWxH(mm)): 300x480x590
Weight: 23KG
Capacity:2800 balls/h Rice ball weight:16-30g
Voltage: AC115V/220-240V


Semi Automatic Sushi machine. Make 1600 sushi balls per hour.

Type:Semi Automatic
Size(LxWxH(mm)): 300x480x450
Weight: 18KG
Capacity:1600 balls/h Rice ball weight:16-30g
Voltage: AC115V/220-240V